My Memory

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Busy Month

Hello everyone, Busy with work and japan have been hit by Earthquake. Luckly all my friend was okay and safe. But laterly UO have been very quiet in terms of event and action. This weekend I did 3 Stat Scroll Boss and 3 Angel Hunt. After very long of no action in UO hehe. Guess I miss UO alot !!!!!

Well a total of 95 Stat scroll was collect out of the 3 SS Boss Hunt. Only one SS was lost hehe.
Guess it a almost prefect score and thank to the friend who does this with me weekly.

Another group photo taken before we share the Stat scroll and everyone went home with at least one Stat scroll!!!! Some luckly friend like Nova and Shin went home with 2 hehe. Well till then will keep you posted with my adventure in UO, Last but not least UO FOREVER CHU CHU !!!!!!