My Memory

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Ritual New Quest

Well After Publish 71, There was alot of change. New quest and New FIshing boss.

I have all the rune Marked for the New Quest at Okinawa House. The first Quest was fast and easy..

The Lifestealer part took some time, But the final one to get the Lotus was the hardest. Maybe due to my memory not good. You have to get it correct a few time in order to earn enough point to get the Lotus.. Can spend a good 20min here or longer...

When I finally get the Lotus, I went back to the Queen Advisor to claim my reward.

The Ter Mur Snow Globes was the Reward, I guess it worth it Since I have two House in Ter Mur. I should own a Globes of this as a Mark of where I live. It in a very nice Colour too.

Got my first kill as a True Brit, Fighting my former Faction Side Shadowlord. I hope my life as TB will be good. Dun seem to see alot of TB anywhere .

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Japan Eel Festival

Well Today was having eel festival. The eel for sure seem strong.

Using the Mesanna pie or Humble pie, you could damage the eel pretty badly.

The damage can go from 50+ to 110. I have see archer fighting it.

Well after a few kill, I got the reward the eel pie. I think luck play a part and the reward drop in bagpack. Babel and Me have got the reward at the same time for a few time. So it would like Doom or Ish Artifact drop system. Till Then Cheer!!!!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A normal Weekend

A normal weekend of SS Boss hunt.

First a famous White Team Photo of the Team.

SS boss at Destard ^o^ !!!!

Total of 64 SS collected and everyone go back with at least 1 +25SS !!!!