My Memory

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Xmas Everyone

Xmas Day in UO and I saw the japanese xmas story telling.... Beside that I found the no 8 stone in the sea.... maybe some secret is hidden here... Sea adventure as I alway been doing.....A long holiday hehe

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend Fever

Saturday hunt without doubt Angel PS !!! Collecting the skull for Stat Scroll Boss.. The werid thing that happen was it spawn two 120 Music PS..... Publish 69 was updated and Xmas gift was given too. I will update more tomorrow

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Super Saturday !!!

Another super saturday update. Well I start off with Hokuto Festival and I was early bird to join Tako Luckly Draw... Only 10 people can enter ..... what can I win I wonder????

Was getting very excited as the time come near.... wonder what I can win...

Well I handle the event man Tako 1,000gp and Claim my luckly Prize!!!

I saw nobu and furu prizes and I think my was the best... Tokuna Flute that no longer spawned !!! Early Xmas Gift I guess from Santa Tako ww

Earlier In the Day I collected 3 Set of medusa key for Medusa Boss.. Nobu, Furu, Pal and Me went to do it on our warrior.. It was abit messy at time but as the time goes we settle down and whack the medusa down in no time... 2 set Medusa drop one of the grand prizes Medusa floor which was worth around 24m....... This was to be sold to nobu as no one want to buy it.... It was sold at a prizes of 20m. . A discounted prices alway, So nobu pay 15m as he does not need to pay himself for been a part of it.... He went home happy today I guess.. We did too as we each earn 5m Wink Wink !!!

Last but not least was told that Mura was going to summon the White Net Sea boss I hurry down to SH and use my archer to fight it... Again Luck was on my side I got a artifact from it.... Starting to love this boss !!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Luckly Wednesday !!!!

Was very tired from work but decieded to do a few round of Red Spider.....

Never expected it spawn Tangle Apron on my backpack!!!!!

UO chu chu !!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Adventure of the December Star!!

This weekend I spend alot time on UO, Playing Saturday and Sunday. Guess I miss Uo alot after working hard in the weekday. Hardly login and play during the weekday, Work is really changing a person like me.

Well first SS was at Shame and the team knock if off fast and a total of 32 SS was collected..
The SS was done fast as the team was all regular player who have play with me a few time.

The Second SS of the day was at Destard and a few more friend came to join in the fun.the oak skull was collected fast also due to the help of the friend. I guess weekend big event is alway SS boss www. It was also done in less then 15min.

A total of 62 SS was collect, somehow 2 SS was lost.... But overall it still a good hunt and fast one. Everyone had fun and so do I . A Group picture is taken alway after a good adventure.. Everyone at the stage saying HI and Thank everyone for the help.

Saturday was SS, Corul boss and Angel PS, Sunday I guess was PS day, Medusa boss and Corul boss day.. A good total of 20 over hunt was one from saturday and sunday. Everyone is tired w.. well till then will keep everyone update on december the month of holiday ......