My Memory

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Void Pool Challange EM Event

I went to attend the EM event and it was a shard challange... Took some picture and here are the highlight of that day hehe.

It went to 150 waves, So I though our target was 180 waves... But Wakoko went abrove 180 waves.
So all hokuto people continues to fight hard, The battle went on and on. Finally we manage to reach 180 waves and was told wakako shard was on 183. It did not see like it will stop, Finally a news broke out that Wakako shard have ended. So I though Hokuto shard will stop at 190 wave, to my surpise we mantain and go on to 200 Waves. Monster was getting really strong in resist and our damage was getting little. The whole battle and event took nearly 5 hour of hard core action. We finally lost it at 204 wave, Everyone was tired and me myself die like 9 time. Also had to repair my weapon twice. Was honor to be in the Top 5 player on that round. Enjoy it very much but I guess it will be another time before i will fight it again.