My Memory

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Exodus Event And EM Event

Well I attended the quite a few event last month, With event like Exodus event and Player Event. It was really fun. Here are some of the picture I took hehe

This was Hokuto Monthly event run by Wolffang and some player. Very nice event, I took a picture seating on the Orc man lol hehe.

This Event reward was gotten by a member Famous, He got it at a EM Event at hokuto. I think need to be top damage to have a chance to get it.

I manage to get some luck at the Live shard Exodus event, Was able to hit enough damage on the Exodus boss to get the +5 Stat Scroll as a memory. I will use it on  my pvp character for sure !!!

Went to Sonoma to attend Deal or No Deal Event on saturday, Was so luckly to be in the semi final but did not make it to the final hehe. Overall it was fun watching the game and the live radio help make it really a joy to be there hehe. I manage to win 100k for cheering lol..

To my surpise I manage to get a Ping of 78ms on Hokuto. Wow is my ping getting better or what??? Normally I ping around 90ms to 110ms . I kinda like it when the ping is that low hehe. Will keep posting my adventure hehe..

Monday, July 30, 2012

Our normal highlight

Here are some of the highlight of our harrower this month.

The highlight was taken from the harrower at Destard and Tera keep. Speed is the key and there has been a increase of raid and disturb at our harrower. Maybe the PK is reading the blog lol.