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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Expansion & Z3RO Expanding !!!

Hello !!!!

Has not been posting for awhile, But I still Play because how can anyone dun play it hehe. With Time of legend new Expansion Releasing soon. It also giving free upgrade to all active player who playing. I feel it about time Z3RO also start expanding !!! Also a good time to explore the new land together !

We are looking for all kind of fellow Brother and sister to join us !!! Does not matter which country you are from but is interested to play in Japan shard Hokuto. Even if you dun wish to play but still which to setup a trade port which will improve trading between your home shard and here. We will still be interested ! So to sum up if you are a Trader, Crafterman, PvPer, PvM or just a causal player then you should seek us.

Z3RO is run by people with experience as long as 16 year in Ultima online.
The people in Z3RO
Taka (Singapore/Guildmaster)
Famous Amos (Singapore/Guild Trader)
Kuri (Japan/PvM Hunt Leader)
Hamster(Japan/ Sales Marketing Luna)
Babel (Japan/PvP Leader)
Pet Aroma(USA/Guild Mascot)
Sirius (USA/Great Lakes Trader)
Hokuto(Canada/Altantic Trader)

Software we use
Skype (to keep in touch with member)
Uo Assist(help to make playing in 2D and UOAM to function.)
Uoautomap (to see where each member are)
Icq(only using since most UO player use it for trading)

We seeking to bridge a network of alliance and trading. Also Seeking more friend from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong kong, australia, usa and korean. Find us at Hokuto shard or drop your contact in our mailbox at ter mur maid house. Which is just south of the ter mur moongate three screeen south. Please get skype and mircophone so that we can chat with you and show you around our guild. Till then have fun !

Friday, February 14, 2014

Ladder on Castle & Keep Method

Hello everyone, 

Been so busy hunting and got castle to decorate.

Below is the step needed to put a Ladder on the castle or Keep step. 
It a step by step guide and if you like it please comment or like it hehe.

1) First Step put a rune on the stair where you want the ladder to be put.

2) Second step is put the square goza mat on the rune, By targeting the mat on the rune.

3)Third Step is very important which is the reason the ladder can fit in. 
 You have to put one ingot infront of the rune then another ingot stack on top of it.
after that put another foot stool on top of the ingot. as show below on the picture.

4) Four step is just to put the ladder at the spot you wanted by targeting the rune. Wohoo the ladder is on the step. Mainly why the ladder could not be fit in is because it need a support infront which must on the same level as the ladder which was going to be put.

Been busy playing UO decorating house and hunt. Till then will keep everyone update with the hunt and if I know more trick would be happy to share. If you know some trick do share too !!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Z3RO Xmas Party !!!!!!!!!!

It been a busy year for Z3RO, alot of hunt and fun. It the time of the year where we will have the xmas party.
This year it is bigger as we open it up to the whole shard. It will be on 23th Dec 2013 at 20:00 JPN.

The Biggest Party In UO !!!!

Everyone is Invite !!!!

Enjoy one great day with the people of Hokuto!!

Meet new friend and catch up with old friend!!!

Lucky Draw book will be given from Dec 8th to Dec 23th

all Z3RO friend or hokuto friend are welcome to be a part of it.

Even Enemy !!!!!!

Over 300m of prizes and fun await you !!!!!!

This Xmas is a day for celebrating and Fun !!!

Z3RO is Proud to be a guild to host this event at their Town in Ter Mur.

Location: South of Ter Mur Moongate at the first road.
Ter Mur Location: 174o 38's 30o 39'W (uoam location)
House name:Akihabara Maid Cafe (Z3RO GH)

座標:174o 38's 30o 39'W (uoam location)
家の名前:秋葉原メイドカフェ(Z3RO GH)

Town location as show in picture.

Be prepare for Game and Hunt !!!!

Event Detail for the day :

Xmas Party Program List

 JPN Opening of Xmas Party
 Game 1(Word Game)
 Game 2(male vs female Dice game)
 Lucky Draw (Main Lucky Draw)
 Game 3(Unknown)
 Special Battle
 Closing of Xmas party
 Z3RO Lucky Draw

Remember you need to login this character and bring the book with you for
collection. Every book have a code engrave.


  ★ Z3RO ★
 ** X mas  **
 ★ 2013 ★

Hope to see you !!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Z3RO December 2012 Xmas Party

December Xmas party highlight. Was a Fun and busy December. Alot of happy people and winner.

The biggest winner go to Kuri which won a prizes on every game.
Will update more on about last year dec as there was some major changes on blog so was not able to upload stuff. But I think it is fine and will post more !!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nov Harrower Highlight and Surprise

Some of the Harrower Highlight we did at November

Also had two round Tree boss and two round spawned Neon FIRE HAIR DYE !!!

I guess it must be a really Luckly day to spawn two fire hair dye in a row !!! Hamster and Me can have a good dream www