My Memory

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Xmas Party In Maid House !!!

Hello everyone have a Great Xmas Party with all my friend in UO. Everyone gather outside the Maid house. Table, chair and food was prepare by the member of Z3RO. Everyone waiting for the game and prizes to be given out.

Friend and member was all welcome to have fun this Xmas Season!!! People who came are like Hun friend, TKK, Bunny, Bone, Heart and many more !!!

This was one of the Dice game where the people was break to male vs female....

A Group photo of everyone after the game.. Everyone went home with a gift... Some won the game top prizes ... A joyful day for all my dear friend in UO!!!!!!!

This year mark my 3rd year in Hokuto, It been a great year.. Everyday login to play with my friend in UO.. It was fun because of the people in it........ That why I deciede to share my happiness with all my friend and this year xmas party end with a wonderful FIREWORK !!!!!!!

Till then Happy new year everyone and Happy HOLIDAY !!!!!