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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Xmas Party In Maid House !!!

Hello everyone have a Great Xmas Party with all my friend in UO. Everyone gather outside the Maid house. Table, chair and food was prepare by the member of Z3RO. Everyone waiting for the game and prizes to be given out.

Friend and member was all welcome to have fun this Xmas Season!!! People who came are like Hun friend, TKK, Bunny, Bone, Heart and many more !!!

This was one of the Dice game where the people was break to male vs female....

A Group photo of everyone after the game.. Everyone went home with a gift... Some won the game top prizes ... A joyful day for all my dear friend in UO!!!!!!!

This year mark my 3rd year in Hokuto, It been a great year.. Everyday login to play with my friend in UO.. It was fun because of the people in it........ That why I deciede to share my happiness with all my friend and this year xmas party end with a wonderful FIREWORK !!!!!!!

Till then Happy new year everyone and Happy HOLIDAY !!!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Busy Busy month

Been so busy not much time to post hehe.

The Arena at Test shard which was also been publish now.

Got into a blackhole and lost my hiryu when fighting the maple tree event.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sunday Hunt

Been awhile, Busy with work and stuff.

So what do we do on a Sunday ???

Well if you guess it correct it is Stat Scroll Boss !!!!!!!!!

First Harrower Boss was at Hythloth Dungeon.

Second was at Destard Dungeon. Working hard on Sunday !!!

The Third and final one was at shame. All together took us around 1h 30min to finish three harrower.

Over Everyone get at least two +25 Stat scroll with most of the people getting three +25 Stat scrolls. A group of 9 of us went that day hehe. Guess it is alway fun playing harrower. The excitment and fun hehe.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Brit Clean Up Today !!!

First day of the brit Clean up and off I going doing some house cleaning. Dump over 500 to 600 item and collected 3m point hehe. Will Exchange for the gift at the end before it close hehe.

Target 10m Point !!! hehe

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weekday With Harrower Team !!

Guess what we do on Weekday???

If your guess is Harrower then that is CORRECT....

First Harrower of the day was at Shame Dungeon.

Second Harrower was at Destard Dungeon and Hallpell and Zebra had to call it a night.

Five of the players left was Agasa, Hamster, Taka , Zham and new member Kuri.

Our third and last Harrower was at Hythloth Dungeon, this was the spot that I dun really like hehe. Tend to have the Tentacles of Harrower stuck in the air. But this time with good team we manage to kill it even if it is stuck. The team has grown up to be a Super Harrower Team.

With Zham Archer Timing his Mortal strike. Hamster letting the boss target. Agasa and me fireball the Tentacles. We finish it as soon as possible.

Finally 96 Stat Scroll was collected.. Everyone was proud of their work and a group picture was taken again hehe.

Sunday Harrower Team

Well it seem the team have fall in love with SS and we play SS again...

The first Harrower was at Deceit level 2, We lure it to a corner and start whacking on it

The second Harrower was at Shame, I was watching Soccer and playing at the same time w.

Before my soccer match end the we were at the second form of the harrower ...

Great work for the SS group !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Super Friday !!!

Well Friday we had alot of member so we deciede to play hard on friday hehe.

First Boss was at Tera Keep and we fight very hard

Second SS boss was at Shame the Team does it fast

Before we know it we were at the second stage of the hunt.

The super 5 of taking a good picture take.. Hamster was luckly to go home with 3x 25 Stat scroll.

Other member like agasa, zham, ariel and hallpell each have 2. So did I ^, Guess we can call it happy friday YAHOO!!!!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Harrower Sunday Night

Just another Super Sunday Harrower Night, After two day ago When I Celebrated one year of blogging. Today was another good day.

When to put the skull as alway.

The group list who was Fighting tonight.

It was at Cove Lich Room and the Team work well to knock it down fast.

The second one was at Hythloth lower level. This one took awhile as we even need to call GM for help as it was stuck floating in the air.

Finally a Great Ending for the Harrower Night. A Total of 64 Stat scroll was collected with a Total of 20 x25 Stat scroll, Almost 30% rate for +25 SS. That is sure awesome, Some member like Hamster, Agasa and Ariel went home with 3 +25 Stat Scroll. Could see their smile all the way back to bed. After that we did went to fight Sea boss and Levitian but with no luck of good AF drop. But till then the Team will keep trying I am sure.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


What a Year has Pass, It is my third year in Hokuto and My first Year Anniversary of blogging. I could not Thank Uo for the love CHU CHU...

I login and FOUND THIS......

I hurry Change my theif and steal it.... Amazing inquisitor Glove. This is my biggest Steal item in UO .. It only spawn once every 28 day to 30 day.. What a Anniversary !!!! Going from 11th to 12th year target.. Wonder what is install hehe.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Busy Live Event and SS weekend

What a busy weekend in UO

Everyone gathering at the ter mur Queen room waiting for Queen Zhah.

then we all were lead to the island to fight Defiler Boss.

With not much time left I quickly take my reward.

The reward was a Hand Of Defiler which can have a sparkles Effect.

After that we did PS and SS boss as alway.. Great weekend !!!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Finish the Book Quest III

Well, Have been busy playing and doing quest.

This quiz I have to repeat a few time till I got most of the question correct..

Well Finally I finish this long book Quest with help from Ariel friend. The Night Terror is really strong . Wondering what is install next ....

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Ritual New Quest

Well After Publish 71, There was alot of change. New quest and New FIshing boss.

I have all the rune Marked for the New Quest at Okinawa House. The first Quest was fast and easy..

The Lifestealer part took some time, But the final one to get the Lotus was the hardest. Maybe due to my memory not good. You have to get it correct a few time in order to earn enough point to get the Lotus.. Can spend a good 20min here or longer...

When I finally get the Lotus, I went back to the Queen Advisor to claim my reward.

The Ter Mur Snow Globes was the Reward, I guess it worth it Since I have two House in Ter Mur. I should own a Globes of this as a Mark of where I live. It in a very nice Colour too.

Got my first kill as a True Brit, Fighting my former Faction Side Shadowlord. I hope my life as TB will be good. Dun seem to see alot of TB anywhere .

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Japan Eel Festival

Well Today was having eel festival. The eel for sure seem strong.

Using the Mesanna pie or Humble pie, you could damage the eel pretty badly.

The damage can go from 50+ to 110. I have see archer fighting it.

Well after a few kill, I got the reward the eel pie. I think luck play a part and the reward drop in bagpack. Babel and Me have got the reward at the same time for a few time. So it would like Doom or Ish Artifact drop system. Till Then Cheer!!!!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A normal Weekend

A normal weekend of SS Boss hunt.

First a famous White Team Photo of the Team.

SS boss at Destard ^o^ !!!!

Total of 64 SS collected and everyone go back with at least 1 +25SS !!!!