My Memory

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quest Scelestus

Well did the Scelestus Quest one

The Blue deamon Scelestus have insane life and will drain hp if you leech life.

By using a Provoking Discord Bard and Deamon slayer book. I kill it and got the scroll.

Many days of hard work and killing. Breaking my record of 140 kill of Scelestus. I deceiede to stop.

The reward was 4 set of the items collected.. Hope this item can be exchange for better item later.

This was a Group Z3RO photo taken outside the castle. Me and whole member in our favourite White Uniform. (Hamster, Babel, Pogo and Taka)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

SS Day with heavy danger

Did two SS boss even though there have been a rise of PK activity.

The first SS Boss happen to be at Shame dungeon. Did it with six other member. Member who went are pogo, agasa, ariel, hamster, hallpell and babel.

A total of 28 SS was collected. 4 SS was lost as other people join in.

So we deciede to do another SS boss. Hoping to get a full 32 Stat Scroll.

The next one was at Hyloth Dungeon with 5 other member. Got the boss down pretty fast by Good teamwork. The team this time was Ariel, Pogo, Babel, Agasa and Hamster.

A Full 32 Stat Scroll was collected, So total it was a success. 60/64 Stat scroll collected.

14 +25 was spawned.. A stat scroll would not be done without a strong good team I had. Thank everyone again...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SA Mini Boss Adventure

Well I deciede to try to do some SA mini boss, So here how it went.

First Stop the Tyball Shadow mini boss, After Hunting like 15 of this.. I finally got the Shroud Of The Condemned Robe!!!!

I went to hunt the Niporailem Theif mini boss. I killed 7 of it before I call it a day.. I did mark my name TAKA with the treasure sand... To tell whoever that came That I was here wwww

What a peaceful day

Well did a Stat Scroll Boss with 2 friend

Got 20 Stat scroll due to a stranger attacked the boss...
Guess it was a bad day even though no PK attacked...

Went to test my skill by solo Rat PS.. I guess the best I can do is rat w...

Well nothing special all 110 PS.. Maybe better luck next time ..

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Medusa get Pink Scroll !!!!

Since yesterday I get medusa Floor, I deceide to try my luck today again.

Starting in Room 1 and fighting the boss in the middle where it spawn.

Well it give me nothing for the first round. I hope second round would be good.

Second Round fighting the boss at Room 2 of Medusa and in the bottom Corner.

Wohoo.... I got a special gift which is a Pink scroll 3 point Fencing scroll... Never get a pink scroll from medusa and I guess it still ok for the hard work. Till then I hope medusa statue get soon W.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chao Shrine Camper W

I was hiding at Chao Shrine and waiting for Enemy.

Zakuro Crz appear and I got my kill w.. Another mission success ..

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Medusa Floor GET !!!!

Well though of doing Medusa solo today. So I went to collect Two set of key to fight it twice.

First one I did was at Room 1, I open a 2nd account to rez me if I die.

The first one was bug I guess, Because I honor it and then it did not get honor after I kill the other spawn. Took me awhile to knock it down and was killed twice.

The Second One I Learn my lession, I restock all the stuff I need and fully focus on Slaying the medusa from the start. Pick a Good Spot and Went chop chop on the medusa with my Golden Axe..

I guess Uo love me, I love UO work again. My hardwork was rewarded with Medusa Floor !!!!

Displaying it at my castle, What a Day !!! What a Happy Day !!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Kill Point Day or Luckly Day???

Second Kill of the day and had to post my luckly day.

Hope it continues.... I begining to love this war WWW

Going War

After Gear up my new armor, I deciede to join the blue to fight CoM. There was many CoM but also many Blue. With the great support of the Blue I manage to get a last Hit Kill. Which mean I get a Kill Point WWW. I am happy

A nice teamwork kill hehe. A good day!!!!

Last Saturday SS boss, I guess it SS Forever !!!!!!!!!!