My Memory

Monday, February 27, 2012

SS becoming Danger??

Hello everyone,

SS was becoming danger as two fail harrower was done. PK was getting together to take over the harrower hunt we does.. They even stay and guard at 4am, But that does not stop the Hokuto number 1 SS team from doing SS again.

Me and the team all ready to do SS again !!!! We shall never give up !!!!!!

First one we did was at Lava and the first boss ...

Got it down to the second boss with ease.

This was the second harrower for the day at Wrong Dungeon. With the New Dungeon Change it was hard, Good Teamwork was require and we manage to beat it down !! The Best SS Team got the skill !!!!!

Finally we got what we deserve a fully 64 Stat Scroll get for the two round we did. Another successful Hunt !!! Even with Dungeon change and PK together, we will work hard and not give up.