My Memory

Monday, May 30, 2011

Doom Day on Monday Morning???

Today did Doom with Member Hanamichi.

I got a AF !!!!!!

It was the Dyard Bow AF but I am happy. First AF for a long time hehe.

Normal Weekend Hunt

A saturday and SS day again

It was at destard and we do it fast ..

Location was pick and dealing it was easy I guess.

10 SS +25 and it was great as everyone go home with one. SS FOREVER !!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Treasure Hunter was Born !!!!!

Hello everyone. Just finish my Treasure hunter and did alot of treasure hunt on the first day when I gm it .

The first Lvl 7 Treasure Hunt I did was on Tokuna Island !!!!

The Next day which was a Sunday, I did another lvl 7 Treasure hunt which was at malas !!!

My first day that I solo a few treasure map and Surpise I got the tailsman Own by no one !!! with Mana reg, Hit chance, spell damage and lower mana cost. A super tailsman for the mage player.. Guess it was worth my two day training on Cartography and Lockpicking hehe....

Will keep you update with more of my adventure hehe !!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Saturday Buzz!!!!

Laterly Hunt every weekend, Yet to find time to post my new home.....

SS boss on Saturday, Me puting the skull ..

Round 1 Stat Scroll boss at destard was a fast one. It end around 15min or so..

The Stat Scroll Boss Team is really professional team now as they can do the boss fast and easy.

Nobu and Me doing a RAT PS on Saturday !!!