My Memory

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Busy month but Then Stat Scroll Boss Every weekend!!!

Due to work in real life, have not been posting but I did get on to play whenever I can. The famliy in UO have been increase. SHU and Z3RO have new member like Hanamichi and rptcr. Kawauso and Hamster have also joined.

This was the record breaking 25 Player Stat Scroll on Sunday. Where tons of friends joined from different guild as long as they want to play. They are welcome to join the SS professional Team hehe.

5 Round of Stat scroll boss was done in 2 hour of fun. Over 120+ Scroll was collected.

Thank to everyone who come and enjoy. Many went home with +25 SS and +20 SS.

Will post more of the Hunt picture and also include a BIG DAY for me !!!!