My Memory

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Charybdis & SS Adventure

Finally manage to get the stuff needed to summon Charybdis. Gather a team of member and friend for the fight again it. Here are the highlight of it !!!!

Our team split into 3 group, With The Mother battleship having the main force. One Medium battleship and a light speedy ship. Here we go !!!!

Well we summon the Charybdis out and here the battle goes. It was tough and hard, with Charybdis doing it special Elemental attack that damage the ship. The battle last a good 45min or so, tons of ship was damage and alot of dead corpse.

I guess we went back to do SS boss is what we does Best !!!!!

Did a one Round SS boss which spawned at lava. A team of 5 man was call up for this action !!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Covetous Revamp Void Pool Adventure

Hello everyone, the revamp of Covetous dungeon was interesting. Level 2 was a tower defend version of UO hehe.

Defending at the Void Pool. Many people came and fight it .

I hit top of list for this Round in the Defend of the Void Pool.

My highest Score for one round in the Void Pool Defend hehe.

Wohoo, I am Rank no 1 in Hokuto Overall score ??? 

My Reward Point on the second day of the release of the Covetous Revamp Dungeon.
Will keep you update on more adventure hehe !!!!!