My Memory

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Pumpkin Pumpkin !!!!!

Busy Collecting pumpkin, Trying to get Pumpkin with my name on it. It must be ultra Rare ^^

Please give me Taka Pumpkin !!!!!

Halloween Is Here !!!

Just in this Month Uo have update so many time, that I lost count. Today 13th Anvi Gift was given, Display Case and White Dye Tub was awesome.. Good Job UO!!!

Not only did they update Fishing SOS reward and include artifact, They also Start this year Halloween Event with a few new Quest and reward.. UO is sure busy as ever.. Again Great Job UO and Uo dev team.

Deceide to mess with the new Anichent Hellhound, It is sure tough. A chance to get a Bloody Sash as reward which will turn you into a WereWolf at night... Twlight Romance anyone???

kill around 10+ of this new hellhound boss and got like 5 Sash. Guess I am luckly after all. Will Update more as the adventure goes....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What a Saturday !!

Today was saturday and as alway saturday is a day of UO.

as normal we deciede to do SS boss

Surpise that we did 2 Round of SS boss and one of the SS boss he could WALK !!!!

Today hunt was Fast and good. Got 64 SS and a Skull. DG win the skull.

Next we deciede to do Corul boss x2

Got the Mystism Spell book and A Rare Deco Item Blade Spirit !!

Guess it a good Saturday..

Is it the END???

We deciede to fight to Scails Enforcer Boss too

Hardest UO boss .....

It was the hardest UO boss as Everyone say. It took many of us and 1hour + To destory it I think. I was luckly it Spawn a AF call Moon Blade.

Total We kill Two SS boss, Two Corul Boss and 1 Scalis Boss.

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Fishing Quest Level Up!!!

Today was fishing as normal, But the Fishing quest order size have double. Instead of 10 Fish or lobster, Now it is 20 fish of a type or 10 each for two type.I wonder what the reward .....

I guess the reward was the same, So far I have around 14 bait, a book and a lava fishing rod. When will the Powerscroll come ??? I hear from a friend he did 50 over quest and yet to see any powerscroll..... UO are you serious it so so hard.....

Today I also fish up a Yellowtail Barracuda weight 153 Stone. Guess I calling it a night. Better Luck tomorrow since it Friday !!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Orc Ship Get !!!!

After A few Day of playing the Sea Expansion, With the help of my friend. Daily Capturing the pirate I got my ORC SHIP !!!! at OCT 21 ...... in a Week I play the sea expansion !!! That is Awesome Thank to my team!!!

Special Thank To Furu, Nobu, Gaga, Yew Zento , Tadomill and HIDE.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rare Fish Caught !!!!!

The First Time I caught a Rare Fish, Must be the lighest Rare fish I caught ....

Weight only 20 Stone Great Barracuda Fish.

Well before I went to sleep, I caught the same type of Rare Fish but it Weight a Holy 163 Stone..

So Today I caught the lighest and heavy Rare Barrcuda fish !!!!!

So far I finish 9 Quest and got eight bait and one Fishing Equipment . When will I see Powerscroll......

Monday, October 18, 2010

High Sea New Boss !!!

Today me and my friend did what High sea get to offer which is the two lastest Boss.

I must say that Corgul the Soulbinder is tough but with a decent group it can be done in 20min or less. The main thing is to make sure the spawn around it is well control. The Scalis Enforcer is a tough ass to fight even though he is alone. He keep spawning eel to disturb you. His life and ablity to do nasty damage. Make him my choose of hardest monster to kill in UO to date. I can't imagine any other monster that is ingame which has the life of this Scalis. After slaying it none of the group get any stuff. While killing Gorgul the Soulbinder alway give 6 Artifact to the top 6 Attacker. So I guess everyone like Corgul more hehe.

The Battle again Scalis Enforcer.. You can see alot of dead body.

Well The Favourite Boss at the moment must be Corgul the Soulbinder.. Top 6 Attacker get Item.

Stay tuned to my Adventure in the High Sea !!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


After finally get the Sea Expansion Thank to Gaga help.... I was able to start the New UO on the sea after it release day 3. I have the Aim to become Hokuto no 1 Fisherman wwww

I deciede to do the fishing quest hoping to get my hand on the fishing powerscroll 120. I have all the pink scroll ready to turn myself from 100 fishing to 120 fishing in 2 sec wwww

After two hour of non stop fishing, I finally find 10 Rock Lobster which is what I needed to claim my first reward...

I wonder what I will get ..........

I got the YellowTail Barracu Bait which is needed to fish up Rare fish when you have 120 Fishing skill.. I guess it a fair reward for the work.

I going to try and do a few more Fishing quest and hopefully get my 120 Fishing Powerscroll.. But before that I guess I must sleep... It is 4am in singapore !!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Month New Luck!!!

Well today I went to do the SA Devil with Nobu and Nova. We manage to get the Stealth +20 Cloak and Guess who win the dice.. It ME !!!!! Nobu roll 4 and Nova roll 2. Of course I roll bigger which is 7 !!!!

I guess today luck was good, DSP was full of blue and green. I manage to do two round of DSP with them and I got myself a 120 EI in my second round. Luck is Coming Luck is Coming !!!!!
Love Sunday !!!!!!