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Friday, February 14, 2014

Ladder on Castle & Keep Method

Hello everyone, 

Been so busy hunting and got castle to decorate.

Below is the step needed to put a Ladder on the castle or Keep step. 
It a step by step guide and if you like it please comment or like it hehe.

1) First Step put a rune on the stair where you want the ladder to be put.

2) Second step is put the square goza mat on the rune, By targeting the mat on the rune.

3)Third Step is very important which is the reason the ladder can fit in. 
 You have to put one ingot infront of the rune then another ingot stack on top of it.
after that put another foot stool on top of the ingot. as show below on the picture.

4) Four step is just to put the ladder at the spot you wanted by targeting the rune. Wohoo the ladder is on the step. Mainly why the ladder could not be fit in is because it need a support infront which must on the same level as the ladder which was going to be put.

Been busy playing UO decorating house and hunt. Till then will keep everyone update with the hunt and if I know more trick would be happy to share. If you know some trick do share too !!!


  1. Nice! I've actually never seen that done before in UO! Does it still work if you don't own the keep? :D

  2. you have to own it or at least co owner to be able to do it. :D

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  4. I can confirm this tactic still works in 2016. I was able to apply this to my Trinsic Keep by levering up the goza and adding a few more ingots beneath the foot stool. Thank you :)