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Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Adventure of the December Star!!

This weekend I spend alot time on UO, Playing Saturday and Sunday. Guess I miss Uo alot after working hard in the weekday. Hardly login and play during the weekday, Work is really changing a person like me.

Well first SS was at Shame and the team knock if off fast and a total of 32 SS was collected..
The SS was done fast as the team was all regular player who have play with me a few time.

The Second SS of the day was at Destard and a few more friend came to join in the fun.the oak skull was collected fast also due to the help of the friend. I guess weekend big event is alway SS boss www. It was also done in less then 15min.

A total of 62 SS was collect, somehow 2 SS was lost.... But overall it still a good hunt and fast one. Everyone had fun and so do I . A Group picture is taken alway after a good adventure.. Everyone at the stage saying HI and Thank everyone for the help.

Saturday was SS, Corul boss and Angel PS, Sunday I guess was PS day, Medusa boss and Corul boss day.. A good total of 20 over hunt was one from saturday and sunday. Everyone is tired w.. well till then will keep everyone update on december the month of holiday ......

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