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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Harrower Sunday Night

Just another Super Sunday Harrower Night, After two day ago When I Celebrated one year of blogging. Today was another good day.

When to put the skull as alway.

The group list who was Fighting tonight.

It was at Cove Lich Room and the Team work well to knock it down fast.

The second one was at Hythloth lower level. This one took awhile as we even need to call GM for help as it was stuck floating in the air.

Finally a Great Ending for the Harrower Night. A Total of 64 Stat scroll was collected with a Total of 20 x25 Stat scroll, Almost 30% rate for +25 SS. That is sure awesome, Some member like Hamster, Agasa and Ariel went home with 3 +25 Stat Scroll. Could see their smile all the way back to bed. After that we did went to fight Sea boss and Levitian but with no luck of good AF drop. But till then the Team will keep trying I am sure.

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