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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weekday With Harrower Team !!

Guess what we do on Weekday???

If your guess is Harrower then that is CORRECT....

First Harrower of the day was at Shame Dungeon.

Second Harrower was at Destard Dungeon and Hallpell and Zebra had to call it a night.

Five of the players left was Agasa, Hamster, Taka , Zham and new member Kuri.

Our third and last Harrower was at Hythloth Dungeon, this was the spot that I dun really like hehe. Tend to have the Tentacles of Harrower stuck in the air. But this time with good team we manage to kill it even if it is stuck. The team has grown up to be a Super Harrower Team.

With Zham Archer Timing his Mortal strike. Hamster letting the boss target. Agasa and me fireball the Tentacles. We finish it as soon as possible.

Finally 96 Stat Scroll was collected.. Everyone was proud of their work and a group picture was taken again hehe.

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