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Friday, August 13, 2010

Finally Taka Blog Is Born !!!!!

Hello Everyone, I deciede to post my adventure in Ultima Online as it might be my final stage in the game. I been playing this game since Jan 2000. To keep thing short I started at USA shard Chesepake shard (4 year) before I move to Taiwain Shard Formosa for another 5 year. Last Year 2009 Jan Mark My New Begining in the Land of the Rising Sun. I moved to Japan Hokoto, Which is where my adventure continues. I see that japan people is friendly and they really hardcore in what they want to do. Looking at all the blog they make, that why I deciede to make one for myself to look back when I finally say Goodbye. Ultima Online in My 10th year going 11th. What Hold for me??? What hold for me and my friend??? Stay tune and I update my adventure as much as I could. Thank for Reading and hope you enjoy this blog.

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