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Monday, August 30, 2010

What Rolling this weekend !!!!

Well This weekend I have meet a few new friend, One of them is Furu san who is a Treasure hunter. He live next to my house, which is very cool.


We deciede to do Oak Spawn as furu had yet to do it before.


Well it must be a warm welcome from the UO God too. He reward us with the Wind Spirt replica. Tako was the luckly man who win it.


Did a Spider and the reward is also replica and archery 120 powerscroll..
I guess after collecting Green and White Skull it mean ......


Everyone go home with a Stat Scroll +25, there was 8 of us and only one unluckly kick san who roll 2. He went off with 2 +20 Stat scroll. Guess he need to pray more to the Uo God.

A warm welcome to furu san to ZERO Guild.

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