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Sunday, June 26, 2011

SS Day with heavy danger

Did two SS boss even though there have been a rise of PK activity.

The first SS Boss happen to be at Shame dungeon. Did it with six other member. Member who went are pogo, agasa, ariel, hamster, hallpell and babel.

A total of 28 SS was collected. 4 SS was lost as other people join in.

So we deciede to do another SS boss. Hoping to get a full 32 Stat Scroll.

The next one was at Hyloth Dungeon with 5 other member. Got the boss down pretty fast by Good teamwork. The team this time was Ariel, Pogo, Babel, Agasa and Hamster.

A Full 32 Stat Scroll was collected, So total it was a success. 60/64 Stat scroll collected.

14 +25 was spawned.. A stat scroll would not be done without a strong good team I had. Thank everyone again...

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