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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Medusa Floor GET !!!!

Well though of doing Medusa solo today. So I went to collect Two set of key to fight it twice.

First one I did was at Room 1, I open a 2nd account to rez me if I die.

The first one was bug I guess, Because I honor it and then it did not get honor after I kill the other spawn. Took me awhile to knock it down and was killed twice.

The Second One I Learn my lession, I restock all the stuff I need and fully focus on Slaying the medusa from the start. Pick a Good Spot and Went chop chop on the medusa with my Golden Axe..

I guess Uo love me, I love UO work again. My hardwork was rewarded with Medusa Floor !!!!

Displaying it at my castle, What a Day !!! What a Happy Day !!!!

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