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Saturday, October 16, 2010


After finally get the Sea Expansion Thank to Gaga help.... I was able to start the New UO on the sea after it release day 3. I have the Aim to become Hokuto no 1 Fisherman wwww

I deciede to do the fishing quest hoping to get my hand on the fishing powerscroll 120. I have all the pink scroll ready to turn myself from 100 fishing to 120 fishing in 2 sec wwww

After two hour of non stop fishing, I finally find 10 Rock Lobster which is what I needed to claim my first reward...

I wonder what I will get ..........

I got the YellowTail Barracu Bait which is needed to fish up Rare fish when you have 120 Fishing skill.. I guess it a fair reward for the work.

I going to try and do a few more Fishing quest and hopefully get my 120 Fishing Powerscroll.. But before that I guess I must sleep... It is 4am in singapore !!!!!

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