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Saturday, October 23, 2010

What a Saturday !!

Today was saturday and as alway saturday is a day of UO.

as normal we deciede to do SS boss

Surpise that we did 2 Round of SS boss and one of the SS boss he could WALK !!!!

Today hunt was Fast and good. Got 64 SS and a Skull. DG win the skull.

Next we deciede to do Corul boss x2

Got the Mystism Spell book and A Rare Deco Item Blade Spirit !!

Guess it a good Saturday..

Is it the END???

We deciede to fight to Scails Enforcer Boss too

Hardest UO boss .....

It was the hardest UO boss as Everyone say. It took many of us and 1hour + To destory it I think. I was luckly it Spawn a AF call Moon Blade.

Total We kill Two SS boss, Two Corul Boss and 1 Scalis Boss.

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