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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Is Here !!!

Just in this Month Uo have update so many time, that I lost count. Today 13th Anvi Gift was given, Display Case and White Dye Tub was awesome.. Good Job UO!!!

Not only did they update Fishing SOS reward and include artifact, They also Start this year Halloween Event with a few new Quest and reward.. UO is sure busy as ever.. Again Great Job UO and Uo dev team.

Deceide to mess with the new Anichent Hellhound, It is sure tough. A chance to get a Bloody Sash as reward which will turn you into a WereWolf at night... Twlight Romance anyone???

kill around 10+ of this new hellhound boss and got like 5 Sash. Guess I am luckly after all. Will Update more as the adventure goes....

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